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Xavier Charvet is a French architect and designer. He is internationally renowned having created elegance in Great Britain, France and Germany.

As an architect, Xavier's approach is multidisciplinary. He is passionate and considers each project like a rough diamond. The essence of his work by the use of his own bespoke furniture collection is to produce extraordinary sophistication.

With a signature style that juxtaposes raw with refined, flair and spontaneity, and seamlessly blends various designs of furniture under one roof, Xavier redefined the new design criteria in Europe. Proving that simplicity, luxury, and elegance could have the same goal: beauty and serenity.

Xavier's designs have attracted an enviable roster of A-list clientele from the Realestate industries, as well as private clients from all over Europe.






Xavier Charvet est un architecte et un designer français — mais il se qualifie comme européen. Il a quitté la France pour Berlin en 2012, et il gère depuis la métropole allemande tous ses projets internationaux entre Monaco, Londres, Paris et Berlin. Il aborde chaque projet comme un diamant brut prêt à être taillé : le souci du détail est une priorité. Reconnue internationalement, son approche multidisciplinaire apporte une touche contemporaine et merveilleuse à ses projets. Xavier redéfinit en un coup de crayon les critères du design européen.