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Xavier Charvet is a French  architect   and designer. He is internationally renowned having created elegance in Great Britain, France and Germany.

As an architect, Xavier's approach is multidisciplinary. He is passionate and considers each project like a rough diamond. The essence of his work by the use of his own bespoke furniture collection is to produce extraordinary sophistication.

With a signature style that juxtaposes raw with refined, flair and spontaneity, and seamlessly blends various designs of furniture under one roof, Xavier redefined the new design criteria in Europe. Proving that simplicity, luxury, and elegance could have the same goal: beauty and serenity.

From a very young age, Xavier knew that he would be an architect. As a child he guessed the plans of his friends' houses and knew how to reconstruct them with a pencil stroke under the amazed eye of his grandmother.

He has always been able to reinvent spaces from the largest to the smallest.

In the legacy of Xavier's high-class Parisian heritage, he signs in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Monaco a distinctive architecture, influenced by his mentors like John Lautner, Frank Lloyd Wright, Eileen Grey, Richard Meyer, and Hadrien.

During his studies, Xavier met Dominique Jacob and worked with Jacob+MacFarlan, who remained for him a pillar of his academic background. Passionate about mobility and the spaces dedicated to it, he works with Jean marie Duthhilleul on the redesign of Parisian railway stations.

After a brilliant education in Paris Malaquais, and the University of Sydney, a career that oscillated between architecture and interior design, Xavier left Paris in 2012 to move his architecture studio from Paris to Berlin, inspired by the renewal and energy of the German capital. Xavier is passionate about history, so he provides a fresh perspective and a new dimension of luxury to Berlin's interiors.

Xavier Charvet is often compared to a Robert Mallet-Stevens who designs his buildings from A to Z as an "Ensemblier".

Xavier's work always surprises with its simplicity and lines that seem obvious. Just by drawing a sofa, he can reorganize an entire space. 

Xavier's designs have attracted an enviable roster of A-list clientele from the Realestate industries, as well as private clients from all over Europe.

Coline Savoye is a French  architect and painter. She joined Xavier in 2014 .

Coline's Background is a great value to Xavier`s work.

Although they studied in the same Architecture Schoool they never met or had the same teachers.

Since her childhood Coline has been wandering the streets of Paris looking at roofs, ruined buildings and freeland imagining how they could be transformed.

The smell of fresh cement is her favorite! She stopps in front of each construction site, takes a deep breath in order to remind the smell of her first construction site: the renovation of Credit Foncier on  place Vendome in Paris with Anthony Bechu and Alain Charles Perrault. At this moment she set her first foot in the world of luxury and historical renovation.

Like her favourite architects, Lina Bo Bardi, Louis Kahn, Pierre Chareau, Alvar Aalto, Coline Savoye loves the raw materials. For Coline, the brutality of materials is their strength. Her approach is very complementary to Xavier's.

With her diploma in hand, she specializes in collective housing alongside Olivier Brenac and Xavier Gonzalez. Whether social or not, she worked for many years with Brenac and Gonzalez and then Reichen and Robert on the construction of many buildings in France

Working with the largest French real estate developers Bnp Paribas, Vinci, Nexity, and the social landlords Paris habitat, Rôhne Soane Habitat and Saint Denis Habitat




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